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(Dec 30, 2014)
Join the Warrior Clan guys and post there. It's still active and this place is sadly dead
(Nov 06, 2014)
(Jun 16, 2014)
looking for members
(May 26, 2014)
Go to Shivtr Alliance thread!
(Apr 29, 2014)
Also you could join the chat at the warrior Clan, they might help out over here :) As we are in an Alliance with them you don't have to join the group to post :)
(Apr 29, 2014)
You might know some of the people at A tone of old gamespotters joined there after it went bad
(Apr 18, 2014)
Any ideas? Considering I'm not part of any social media?
(Apr 13, 2014)
We got to lure more members!
(Mar 27, 2014)
I just stated a CLASSIFIED SECTION for secrets obviously it is meant for spoilers!
(Mar 25, 2014)
Thanks :) MGS GZ is out in AUS!
(Mar 23, 2014)
Hope you feel better.
(Mar 18, 2014)
Been sick. I'm back now :)
(Mar 09, 2014)
(Mar 09, 2014)
Looking good
(Mar 08, 2014)
BTW I'm still working to make it better!
(Mar 07, 2014)
Now what do you think? :)
(Feb 20, 2014)
I see the site has kind of fallen apart graphical wise...
(Feb 20, 2014)
Either way looks great heres the promotion
(Feb 20, 2014)
Sorry as you can tell I've been busy
(Feb 05, 2014)
Come on!